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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Let the Truth set you Free

Before i cap this Month, i would like to say a final statement, which should be like the moral of this month, and this month more than any other month has been an eye-opener, it has awaken a more civilized, more ethical person in me that has been buried under layers of blind belief.

However, Even if many Muslims see disrespect towards their religion by these articles and caricatures that i have posted in this blog, i feel the same way towards religion, because it offends my intellectuality, it offends my ethics, and morals, I would never respect some one or a religion that wishes me to eternally burn in hell's fire. for most of my life i have been good to people, i always try to be as helpful and delightful as i possibly can or as much as my circumstances would allow. Now as being an Atheist and not believing in God or in Hell, maybe some Muslims are wondering why do i bother being good? Since i believe that there would be no judgment? Well, it's wrong to do good for the sake of avoiding a delusion called Hell, and purely for the sake of being rewarded with the delusion of a heaven. We have it in us to do good deeds, the sense of right and wrong that motivate us to project the best of us, and to avoid making bad decisions. but why?

Think about it, we must be thinking if there is no God then there is no reward for being good, that's absolutely wrong, there are far more greater rewards, and you really don't need to wait for the day that you die to harvest the fruits of your goodness. You will discover that you will be rewarded almost instantly once you show the goodness of your heart. as for me the reward of being a better person is that i feel good about my self, knowing that i have spared others from my bad doings that i could inflict on them. Eventually it becomes an infection, it turns to a new common-sense, were being good for the sake of being good becomes taken for granted, but this means that it has also become a new foundation, and it is the right foundation that removes fear from our minds. this also opens the door to a new concept of creativity since we're not bound or restricted by blind belief, our only limit becomes our mind's limits.

Women on the other hand can play a bigger role in society, because there is no religion depriving her from her natural right to become an equal partner in our universe, thus allowing her to show her real potential, in many fields. there are many great women who have achieved very much from so little, they didn't have any better conditions that supported them to reach were they stand now, but they made it any way.

What we're standing against here is a system of oppression, a system that wants to not only control our lives, but also to control our thoughts, and to control our free will, it wants us to kill those who don't believe in what it tells us to believe in. Science has given us so much evidence and like ancient gods, science has narrowed the gaps for the lord of the gaps of our time, the very same god who has enslaved our thoughts and our lives and our time for thousands of years. We're no longer living in the old dark ages, we're an advanced society so let's act as ones, and stop causing pain and suffering to others. say NO to your delusions.

And most certainly, no one is paying me to post these articles against Islam. this is only what a brain-washed paranoid would say to redeem him/her self.

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