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Friday, February 02, 2007

What does religion really want from you?

It is no longer a surprise that religion (especially Islam) was the cause of ignorance and monstrosity, not to mention injustice, intolerance. a religious person would say that religion is a faith that guide people into the light, and stands against ignorance?

Well, here's what religion really wants from you:
1- believe in god.
2- never doubt his existence or you shall fry in hell for the rest of eternity.
3- try to convert those who don't believe in god.
4- if you can't convert them, then fight them.
5- spread the word of god all over the world.
6- don't buy from non believers, or sell to them.
7- if you found out that your brother, sister or a relative is a non believer then you should kill him/her
8- read the bible or Quraan till it sticks in your head.
9- brain wash your children and force them to believe in religion.
10- gay men and women should be killed.
11- say good bye to your privacy because God has angels that spy on you 24/7/365.
12- rage wars against other nations that don't believe in your god.
13- donate lots of money to church, or a mosque, so they can build more churches or mosques, and print more bibles or quraans.

Here's what happens when you do nothing of the above:

1- you're no longer bound by an imaginary force that limits your brain activity.
2- you can doubt every thing, which eventually leads you to the absolute truth.
3- you will no longer be a threat to others and you will not cause harm to others who think different from you.
4- commercial relations will be stronger than ever, having an open market between all nations without boycotts, which will enhance the economy.
5- you will have more useful material to read instead of the bible or the Quraan. which will raise your level of intellectuality.
6- your children will grow with the ability to think correctly and not judge people by what they believe in.
7- gay men and women will finely live in peace since their sexual orientation is their own personal business, not yours.
8- you can rest assured that you have a privacy and there is no angels spying on your every thought. so there's no one breathing down your neck (maybe just your boss)
9- there will be world peace, since no one believes in a god that tells them to kill each other in his name.
10- instead of donating your money to a mosque or a church, you can donate your money to build schools, libraries, or universities, or scientific research, which will result in more scientific achievements that will make your life better, and a generation of highly intelligent people. and less poverty, less ignorance, less unemployment.

These are just a few things from the top of my head, imagine just by letting go of your fear of the imaginary god, you'll be making the world one step closer to being a better place to live. try reading the bible or the Quraan from a humanitarian perspective, you'll see that it only revolves around killing and blood shed. why would some one want to be part of community that has no humanity in it? that lives by the motto "believe or else"?
we've all seen what religion done over the past few years from terrorism to war to mass killing, not to mention what was going on in the dark ages from burning, slaying witch-craft. Now we're living in the 21st century and in many nations it's still considered a crime to think or to doubt. how can humanity advance if there are authorities out there that tells us not to think, that brain washes us through the media with lies and deception?

Every day we find religion coming up with new methods to control our lives and our thoughts, which is the real philosophy that stands behind religion, it's a system of control and its what it wants to do, to control the world.


Anonymous said...

How can you deny that all different signs are pointing to same. May be this is criticism for hate rage. ALLAH swt is the GOD.

alvina said...

if u think Muslims r wrong then who u think is right? if all miracles showed by Muslims or nature r just "coincidence" then which religion shows true miracles? have u ever seen clouds writing bhagwan Chris or something else.why nature always take side of Muslims.u r just blaming Muslims cause u know nothing.if u want 2 get the true knowledge about Islam then i m sending u a link go there and find what Muslims are?


first know then say.okay May Allah show u right way.and one thing why don't u post the cartoons of any other religion? all religions are true except Islam?

alvina said...

religion wants peace love and provides a right ways of living life and that not to forget the one who created you.the "ALLAH"