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Monday, August 13, 2007

Near Death Delusions

Like every typical morning, i arrived to work, and like always, the first thing i do is check my e-mail, then I found an e-mail waiting in my inbox with the subject "Saved from Hell - Rev. Howard Storm's near-death experience" so I would like to quote some text from the e-mail and present it to you in this blog post:

“Rev. Howard Storm, a Professor of Art at Northern Kentucky University, was not a very pleasant man. He was an avowed atheist and was hostile to every form of religion and those who practiced it. He often would use rage to control everyone around him and he didn't find joy in anything. Anything that wasn't seen, touched, or felt, he had no faith in. He knew with certainty that the material world was the full extent of everything that was. He considered all belief systems associated with religion to be fantasies for people to deceive themselves with. Beyond what science said, there was nothing else.”

After reading this, it got me thinking about the other large amount of emails I received regarding famous scientists converting to Christianity or to Islam, not just e-mails, but I also you can read about it in religious blogs that are spread all over the internet like butter on toasted bread.

As I read the e-mail I’m filled with shock and dismay as to how religion always portrays Atheists. As if we are savage blood thirsty monsters. Therefore I decided to write this post and perhaps manage to explain the motives of such accusations made towards Atheists by religion.

First I need to stress out and clarify to the readers that Humans are emotional beings when it comes to family values friendships and life or death experiences. For example a person who gets insulted reacts to the insult according to his/her emotions. And depending on that persons “sensitive nature” dictates the amount or the magnitude of the reaction of that person. In our everyday life we go through all sorts of emotional experience that by itself shapes and defines how we act, react, and respond to those experiences, and how we act, react, and respond to similar experiences in the future.

Sometimes those experiences could have a strong impact on us, and it could and in most cases can alter how we behave to certain factors that contributed to that experience. Now, let’s set up an equation for this:

Magnitude of Experience + Person’s Emotional state = the amount of Alteration of that person’s behavior.

Rev. Howard Storm went through an emotional experience due to a perforation of the stomach that according to his emotional state changed his behavior. That blinded his mind from facts and logic. The high level of experience that he experienced made him delusional for that period of time, which made him imagine “a bright light at the end of a long tunnel”. It is a very well known fact that our mind plays tricks on us in certain times especially when we’re being deeply in an emotional state. There is however other factors that lead Rev. Howard Storm to his delusion during his near death experience. Which is the rule that religion plays in our everyday life, and how it always manages to infiltrate our minds with its teaching and preaching, just like a magician who prepares his audience for hypnosis, as the crowd carefully watch his hands and eyes gestures and listen to his words that echo deep in to their minds, then they find themselves helplessly giving in then the magician starts programming his audiences minds through spoken words and commands them to execute his word after he counts till three and snap his fingers. Religion plays the same role as the magician. It fills our minds with fairy tales and stories that are not related to logic or common sense in what so ever way. This goes on from the day you’re born till one day you go through an experience that makes you lose your sense of logical judgment for a certain amount of time in that amount of time religion snaps it’s fingers, as all the teachings and preaching you’ve had heard since your childhood till that day storms through your mind and you become fully hypnotized to religion’s will. At that moment of weakness a person admits to his/her delusion as facts. Religion finds opportunity in times like this to spread its disease to gain more control over the masses, it takes advantage of our weakness of our fears and emotions. And turn it all against us if we decide not accept to swallow their poison.

And if you do not accept superstations as facts, then you become abandoned and neglected and hated and despised by the vast majority of religious people whom your parents friends family the society that surrounds you could be part of. I can’t recall meeting an Atheist who’s unpleasant, in fact all Atheists that I have crossed paths with are people who are concerned with global issues and the wrong moral teachings of religion such as war against nations with different beliefs and forcing religion down the troths of people whom by their birth right have the right to say decline such doctoring of the mind.

The way that religion forces itself on Atheists contributes to the way how Atheists react to such attitude taken towards them, and being a minority in a society that has no respect for your rights to think and believe freely it builds hatred and discomfort, not to mention the feeling of oppression which leads to being resentful and in many cases sarcastic towards the very same people that exercise oppression and brutal force to subdue beliefs other than theirs.

People come in all sorts of colors and backgrounds; it is not an Atheist’s convictions that dictate his/her actions, but it’s the lifestyle that he/she was brought up upon. If you teach a child to hate a number of people, then that child will grow up with that hate built in to his/her mind which is what religion exercises through church, mosques, and school in a systematic manner.

Religion has been dictating how we should behave and live and eat for thousands of years, and we’ve submitted our most precious gift (our minds) to a delusion, I believe it is time for us to rid ourselves from this delusion and start dictating to ourselves on how to best behave and act in a way that is not harmful to others.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Believe or Else

"There is no compulsion in religion; truly the right way has become clearly distinct from error; therefore, whoever disbelieves in the Shaitan (Devil) and believes in Allah he indeed has laid hold on the firmest handle, which shall not break off, and Allah is Hearing, Knowing." Verse 256 The Cow Sura.

One of the many contradictions in Islam, is the one that preaches about freedom of belief, in the verse above from the Quran it clearly states that there is no compulsion in Islam, any one who reads this might feel re-asured, i know i did. then when you read the verse that follows it, the whole concept changes.

"Allah is the guardian of those who believe. He brings them out of the darkness into the light; and (as to) those who disbelieve, their guardians are Shaitans (Devil) who take them out of the light into the darkness; they are the inmates of the fire, in it they shall abide." Verse 257 The Cow Sura.

It is pretty obviouse now that the second verse contradicts with the first one, because Mohammad tells you that no one is forcing you to become a Muslim or to remain Muslim, then on the second verse he promises those who don't convert to Islam or who don't remain in Islam will have to suffer the torment of hell fire. I guess there is not much of choice there, Believe or burn in hell. It sounds like an effective scheme to put fear in the minds of the ignorant, and make him/her submit to his/her delusions which Mohammad had planted in his/her minds, at the same time believing that they didn't feel forced or brutally forced to be Muslims.

It is nothing more than a mind games that Mohammad likes to play on his followers, to insure obedience, submission, and leadership over the masses, and he was also good at setting examples along the way by killing all those who didn't believe him or criticized him by executing them in public, thus planting more fear in the hearts of people, fear to speak, fear of freedom, and fear of thinking, or doubt. Even now more than 1400 years after his death, people are afraid to doubt Gods existence even at their own discretion, because they've seen they have a delusion a scary fantasy in their minds that repels them from doubting, even if for some reason they start to doubt for as less as a micro-second, they mumble a few of Mohammad's magic words to repent from the sin of doubting.

Mohammad had left behind the book that he wrote "Quran" this book is now used to fulfill Mohammad's birocracy by terrorising the innocent, killing and torturing those who don't believe. Even on a smaller scale, when it comes to family relations, an atheist or a person who doesn't believe in the relegion of the parents will be an out-cast and will be rejected, his/her friends will see him/her as a person who's on hell's waiting list. It is that same relegion that takes away the goodness from people's heart. and replaces it with revenge.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Islamic Miracles in Nature

You might have heard about or seen some of the pictures that Muslims claim to be a miraculous work of God (Allah). They are posted every were on the net mainly in Islamic websites. Here i will show you a few pictures with a little comment on each picture.

I remember when i was about 7 years old i used to play a game with my friends, as we watch the cloudy sky, and imagine the shapes that clouds form, and try to guess what that shape is. in the above picture Muslims claim that a divine force had shaped that cloud to form the name of "Allah" in Arabic calligraphy. it makes me wonder though. Why would god shape his name on a cloud in Arabic calligraphy, so that only Arabs can understand his "message" why didn't he shape it in English letters? does Arabs really need any more convincing of the existence of a divine delusion?

Let's look at it from a more logical perspective, which is that clouds shift shapes thousands of times every day, and it forms millions of shapes that really looks like a face or a bunny rabbit, etc. couldn't it be possible that out of those millions of shapes that the clouds had took form of, to form a single shape that looks like the Arabic word of "Allah"?

This picture is not any different from the one above it, it's also based on the same principle of chance. through-out not just millions, but billions of years that it is a given fact that trees also grow to take different shapes. Muslims see this as a person in the "Ruku" position which is a position taken during prayer. The fact of the matter is that every one can look at this image from their own perspective using a little imagination. for example in that image i don't see a person praying to god, but i do see some one bending over about to get fucked.

At this point, I'm thinking that Muslims had really out-done them selves, but i got one word for this picture "coincidence" which is also explained by the same principle that i have explained above.

Here is another interesting picture, this was taken in
Indonesia, when the unfortunate disaster took place "Tsunami" In the picture there is a mosque that had survived this disaster, which made Muslims go "wow" and also had put them in the delusion that God (Allah) had protected that mosque. Could it be; that the mosque didn't collapse because it is made from heavy concrete cement and was re-enforced with a lot of steel? If you take a look at the top of the image you will also find another building that had survived the disaster, could it also be that God was protecting that building as well? or could it be that the other building is built from concrete and re-enforced with steel as well? while all the other houses were not strong enough to stand against such a great natural disaster.

Not to mention that Muslims believe Tsunami was sent by God to punish Indonesians for their sins. Look at the statistics, the victims of Tsunami were poor and innocent people, so it appears that in God's logic it's a sin to be poor.

Finely, If there was a God who is causing natural disasters to punish nations for their sins, and since God hates jews so much; then why doesn't that same God send a Tsunami to Israel and kill every jewish there so that Muslims can "claim back their God given right to own that land?".

A person who has a high level of intellect would easily refute those pictures as evidence of the existence of a supreme being. coincidence is not a word that refers to something that happened out of blind chance, there are laws the govern the randomness of our universe, and it's the accumulations of those law's results that leads to what we perceive as blind chance. We just have to look at the matter from a wider perspective so we can see the big picture, instead of narrowing our selves to only one imaginary solution "God".

There is nothing special about the above pictures, simply because we can look at random things and see what ever we like, i have collected some pictures of random things we see in every day life, that vaguely, or clearly looks like a duck as can seen bellow:

If i were to interpret these images as most Muslims do, then the only conclusion that i would come up with is that God is a duck.

Nature can be chaotic and random, and it produces things in so many random shapes and sizes, if we look close enough we are bound at some point to see something from nature that happens to resemble something familiar to us, that doesn't mean that there is a divine force at work.

Friday, February 02, 2007

What does religion really want from you?

It is no longer a surprise that religion (especially Islam) was the cause of ignorance and monstrosity, not to mention injustice, intolerance. a religious person would say that religion is a faith that guide people into the light, and stands against ignorance?

Well, here's what religion really wants from you:
1- believe in god.
2- never doubt his existence or you shall fry in hell for the rest of eternity.
3- try to convert those who don't believe in god.
4- if you can't convert them, then fight them.
5- spread the word of god all over the world.
6- don't buy from non believers, or sell to them.
7- if you found out that your brother, sister or a relative is a non believer then you should kill him/her
8- read the bible or Quraan till it sticks in your head.
9- brain wash your children and force them to believe in religion.
10- gay men and women should be killed.
11- say good bye to your privacy because God has angels that spy on you 24/7/365.
12- rage wars against other nations that don't believe in your god.
13- donate lots of money to church, or a mosque, so they can build more churches or mosques, and print more bibles or quraans.

Here's what happens when you do nothing of the above:

1- you're no longer bound by an imaginary force that limits your brain activity.
2- you can doubt every thing, which eventually leads you to the absolute truth.
3- you will no longer be a threat to others and you will not cause harm to others who think different from you.
4- commercial relations will be stronger than ever, having an open market between all nations without boycotts, which will enhance the economy.
5- you will have more useful material to read instead of the bible or the Quraan. which will raise your level of intellectuality.
6- your children will grow with the ability to think correctly and not judge people by what they believe in.
7- gay men and women will finely live in peace since their sexual orientation is their own personal business, not yours.
8- you can rest assured that you have a privacy and there is no angels spying on your every thought. so there's no one breathing down your neck (maybe just your boss)
9- there will be world peace, since no one believes in a god that tells them to kill each other in his name.
10- instead of donating your money to a mosque or a church, you can donate your money to build schools, libraries, or universities, or scientific research, which will result in more scientific achievements that will make your life better, and a generation of highly intelligent people. and less poverty, less ignorance, less unemployment.

These are just a few things from the top of my head, imagine just by letting go of your fear of the imaginary god, you'll be making the world one step closer to being a better place to live. try reading the bible or the Quraan from a humanitarian perspective, you'll see that it only revolves around killing and blood shed. why would some one want to be part of community that has no humanity in it? that lives by the motto "believe or else"?
we've all seen what religion done over the past few years from terrorism to war to mass killing, not to mention what was going on in the dark ages from burning, slaying witch-craft. Now we're living in the 21st century and in many nations it's still considered a crime to think or to doubt. how can humanity advance if there are authorities out there that tells us not to think, that brain washes us through the media with lies and deception?

Every day we find religion coming up with new methods to control our lives and our thoughts, which is the real philosophy that stands behind religion, it's a system of control and its what it wants to do, to control the world.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Let the Truth set you Free

Before i cap this Month, i would like to say a final statement, which should be like the moral of this month, and this month more than any other month has been an eye-opener, it has awaken a more civilized, more ethical person in me that has been buried under layers of blind belief.

However, Even if many Muslims see disrespect towards their religion by these articles and caricatures that i have posted in this blog, i feel the same way towards religion, because it offends my intellectuality, it offends my ethics, and morals, I would never respect some one or a religion that wishes me to eternally burn in hell's fire. for most of my life i have been good to people, i always try to be as helpful and delightful as i possibly can or as much as my circumstances would allow. Now as being an Atheist and not believing in God or in Hell, maybe some Muslims are wondering why do i bother being good? Since i believe that there would be no judgment? Well, it's wrong to do good for the sake of avoiding a delusion called Hell, and purely for the sake of being rewarded with the delusion of a heaven. We have it in us to do good deeds, the sense of right and wrong that motivate us to project the best of us, and to avoid making bad decisions. but why?

Think about it, we must be thinking if there is no God then there is no reward for being good, that's absolutely wrong, there are far more greater rewards, and you really don't need to wait for the day that you die to harvest the fruits of your goodness. You will discover that you will be rewarded almost instantly once you show the goodness of your heart. as for me the reward of being a better person is that i feel good about my self, knowing that i have spared others from my bad doings that i could inflict on them. Eventually it becomes an infection, it turns to a new common-sense, were being good for the sake of being good becomes taken for granted, but this means that it has also become a new foundation, and it is the right foundation that removes fear from our minds. this also opens the door to a new concept of creativity since we're not bound or restricted by blind belief, our only limit becomes our mind's limits.

Women on the other hand can play a bigger role in society, because there is no religion depriving her from her natural right to become an equal partner in our universe, thus allowing her to show her real potential, in many fields. there are many great women who have achieved very much from so little, they didn't have any better conditions that supported them to reach were they stand now, but they made it any way.

What we're standing against here is a system of oppression, a system that wants to not only control our lives, but also to control our thoughts, and to control our free will, it wants us to kill those who don't believe in what it tells us to believe in. Science has given us so much evidence and like ancient gods, science has narrowed the gaps for the lord of the gaps of our time, the very same god who has enslaved our thoughts and our lives and our time for thousands of years. We're no longer living in the old dark ages, we're an advanced society so let's act as ones, and stop causing pain and suffering to others. say NO to your delusions.

And most certainly, no one is paying me to post these articles against Islam. this is only what a brain-washed paranoid would say to redeem him/her self.

Believe it or Else

A dear friend, and a fellow Atheist sent me these wonderful caricatures by Abdullah Aziz. Hope you will enjoy them as much as we did.

To enlarge, Click on thumbnails bellow:

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Holly Crap

Recently I have come across some incredible articles during my internet research about Mohammad's Characteristics, it strike me as surprising and disgusting as I read the article and realize how far people around Mohammad worshiped him as the supposed-to-be messenger of god.

Unfortunately the article was written in Arabic; however I will do my best to translate the essence of the article in English.

The article talks about Mohammad's spit, sweat, blood, defecation, urine, and semen.

Spit: Of course as we all may have known, that Mohammad being the prophet of God, therefore his mouth does not contain any sort of germs, or any kind of impurities.

It is mentioned in stories told about him through out his life that his spit was used as means of medicine to cure illnesses and severed body parts.

In one of those stories, a woman came to Mohammad with her son and told him that her son is rebellious and possessed by a demon, so the Mohammad opened the boy's mouth and spat in it, and repeated this sentence three times :"Be gone Enemy of God, I'm the prophet of Allah".

In another story, Mohammad was drinking water, then a man came to him and begged Mohammad to spit in that drink so that he can offer it to his father, may it will purify his heart. So did Mohammad, the man went to his father with the cup of spit in his hand and offered it to his father, were the father asked his son, about the contents of the cup. And the son replied, it contains the spit of Mohammad and it will purify your heart. The father replied: "I rather drink your mother's urine, for it is more pure than that spit".

Sweat: It appears that Mohammad didn't produce sweat like the sweat that humans produced, as we've been told, but his sweat was a holly sweat, that smelled good.

In one story Mohammad was spending the night at Anas's home, while he was sleeping he started to sweat, when Anas's Mother came to him while he was a sleep, and started drying his sweat with a piece of cloth and in to a small bucket. While this was happening, Mohammad suddenly woke up, and asked Anas's mother what she was doing. She answered: "it's so we can use it as a perfume"

Holly Shit: Mohammad was also famous for his Holly Shit, stories about him tell the significance of his digestive system, and about the sweet aroma of his Holly Shit, not only that, it also says that when ever Mohammad went to take a crap, the earth would open up under his ass, and swallow his shit. As you can tell, it's amazing.

what is more amazing, is that most Muslims all over the world are willing to believe all this, but they still don't believe that man has landed on the moon. it is the ignorance that made religious people believe in myths and rubbish, and reject science with all the evidence that it has provided.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Monster called Religion

It is interesting how a Muslim lives his/her life, and how much of a narrow minded person do you have to become to live such a life. When you're not allowed to think freely, or to express your self in the form of art, when you're not allowed to appreciate the beautiful things in life, then you must be a person who has truly lost your way, and the natural light that once was lighting your way has dimmed and faded as you got brain washed while growing up.

Religion has blinded us from the obvious truth, now that religion is a monster that says "close your eyes and follow me, if you open your eyes, then you shall burn in hell for the rest of eternity" at that point you can imagine lakes of fire and torment, being damned in hell for all eternity is a hard thing, so I better keep my eyes shut and believe. Well, I've been there and I felt that fear for so long and I kept my eyes closed, till one day I decided to open them and at the moment I opened my eyes, I saw that there was no Monster, and I saw the world in a different color. All that it takes is a little courage.

As long as your eyes are closed there is no possible way that you can see the truth, as long as your eyes are closed there is no possible way that you can know that there is no Monster judging your every thought and sending he's minions to spy on you.

Then the Monster Says: "Who hears the communications of Allah recited to him, then persists proudly as though he had not heard them; so announce to him a painful punishment" The Kneeling Surah, Verse 8

Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real? And when you woke up from that dream you were so grateful that it was just a nightmare? It is the same with Islam, In this Islamic nightmare the Monster keep convincing you that if you wake up, you'll find a painful punishment waiting for you, and because the dream is real as long as you're still in it, you find it hard to believe that you will be safe after you open your eyes and awake from the terrible nightmare. But for how long have you been having this bad dream, have you ever wondered how the world would look like if you just open your eyes for one second?

Then you hear the Monster's voice again saying: "And Allah's is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth; and on the day when the hour shall come to pass, on that day shall they perish who say false things" The Kneeling Surah, Verse 27

At this point you're trying harder not to open your eyes, but deep down in your mind you hear a faint voice telling you to open your eyes, you try to ignore that voice, but the faint voice keep echoing in your mind and insists that you open your eyes, now you're in a struggle between the faint voice and the Monster that is telling you to stay in it's Nightmare. But you can't ignore the faint voice because the more you think of it, the louder it gets, till it becomes loud enough that you no longer hear the Monster, you feel a bit relieved now that you can't hear the scary monster's voice, and the fear is gone, so you finely decide to open your eyes, at the first moment of opening there is an over whelming bright light that makes it in to your eye, and it's too much for you to take, because you've been in the darkness for too long, you rub your eyes, but soon your eyes adjust to the bright light and every thing look clear to you, now you see the true colors of life, and the best part is, there is no Monster, and there is lakes of fire, there is no torment, so you release a sigh of relief because now you're enlightened, and you have killed the Monster called Religion.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

After Islam

Men and women in Islam:

The great unmentionable evil at the center of our
culture is monotheism. From a barbaric Bronze Age
text known as the Old Testament, three anti-human
religions have evolved - Judaism, Christianity, and
Islam. These are sky-god religions. They are, literally,
patriarchal - God is the Omnipotent Father - hence
the loathing of women for 2,000 years in those
countries afflicted by the sky-god and his earthly male delegates


Gore Vidal

It is safe to say that religion in general was designed to best serve men's best interests, knowing that the concept of a supreme entity was at the beginning of mankind nothing more than a question mark over what human's couldn't grasp and comprehend from natural phenomenon to vast yet unexplained environment that surrounded them, such as the sun the moon the stars, ignorance being the common theme of those dark and old ages, when humans thought the earth was flat, they started to imagine superior entities that hold a cataclysmic power that can either reform their quality of life and bless them with more food when they go out to hunt or farm, or punish them for their sins.

Of course, at those ages it was men who did most of the out door activities, so they were considered the providers of food and so forth, therefore claiming their right to become leaders of every thing else, and being at the top of the food chain. It was the very same ego that made men conceive of such an entity, the idea of a God has been present since the beginning of time, and one God failed after another as science proved that such being has no room in our universe

In an Arab country, only a man would have the courage to alert the most desperate and the ignorant about the existence of a God that gave that very same person the burden of delivering his message to those who seek refuge from the dark ages and all the injustice and intolerance that comes with it. So as he progressed with his revelations about his newly conceived God, he told the desperate ones exactly what they needed to hear from a savior.

Now taking that in to account, I believe that when Mohammad came up with laws, and limits for his new religion he made those laws to best serve his gender, and yet to preserve a balance that would not create conflict, therefore Mohammad had given men the right to claim higher and sensitive positions in the government, the kind of positions that would give men a stronger leadership mainly over countries, armies, estate, fortune, and women and so on. The same principle has been adopted by prophets even before Mohammad.

"And if you fear that you cannot act equitably towards orphans, then marry such women as seem good to you, two and three and four; but if you fear that you will not do justice (between them), then (marry) only one or what your right hands possess; this is more proper, that you may not deviate from the right course".

Women Sura, Verse 3.

In the Women Sura Above, Mohammad claims that God has given women their rights, therefore he allows men to marry up to 4 women at the same time or in total, but compared to our modern age, in most European nations and in the United States of America it's against the law to marry more than one woman, simply because a man would be disrespecting a woman by seeing her as his sexual pleasure provider or a slave rather than a human being with an individual personality with equal rights as her fellow man. Even in third world nations Muslim women who had their fare share of education do not approve of getting married to a man who is already married because they find it disrespectful to them, If it's the word of God that allows a man to marry up to 4 women at the same time, then why do most women disapprove it?,

In one verse God says that men should treat women as equal partners, and in another verse he says that men should have leadership over women, the contradiction is perfectly obvious. If we take a good look at the time scales of human history right from the Stone Age to the modern age, we can see the transitioning of women's role in society. At the time when muscle power ruled, women were over powered and enslaved by men. Simply because men had more muscle power, as time progressed and humans became more intelligent man started to recognize a woman's potential, and up to this date women are discovered to be as equally intelligent as man.

It is safe to say that Mohammad failed to see the progressing of woman's intellectual power, and he kept her as a less equal partner to men, depriving her from reaching high ranks in society this reaching her full potential, prioritizing her duties to her home, and obligating her to obey her husband at all times, for example, a wife can't visit her father even if he's in his death bed, unless her husband permits her. The only logical explanation to this is, that times were different when Mohammad claimed his prophecy, and women at that time didn't play a large role in their society as they do now a days.

Then again in another verse from the Holly Qura'an says:

"Allah enjoins you concerning your children: the male shall have the equal of the portion of two females; then if they are more than two females, they shall have two-thirds of what the deceased has left".

Women Sura, Verse 11

I don't think there is much to explain as the verse very simply explains it self, Now I do believe that Mohammad preached about women being an equal to men, the question is, Then why doesn't he permit a woman to have an equal share as a man would?

Well, it doesn't require a rocket scientist to figure out that there has been injustice and sexual discrimination committed here. Ask your self this: "If a god did really exist, who claims to give women their rights and claims that women are equal to men and should have the same rights given to men, would that same god give a woman half of what man gets from an inheritance rather than giving her full share?"

It gets even uglier now as you read the following verse that contradicts with the whole concept that Islam claims to be built on (which equal rights between men and women):

"Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great".

Women Sura Verse 34
Now logic flies right out of the window, and it appears that God is not making any sense, one minute he's saying that women are equal to men, now he's saying that he created men as superior to women, or let me put that as god would put it "because Allah has made some of them to excel others"
, to top it all off, God gave man permission to beat and abuse his wife and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them” I don’t have Ph.D. in any field of social studies, but i do know that i doesn’t take a Ph.D. to know that this is the way to treat a slave, a lot of men get restraining orders and go to jail for years for abusing their wives, But God permits it

When Muslim men go to heaven, they have all the beautiful women that even their wildest imagination can't imagine their beauty, in the other hand, the Qura'an never mentions what's in store for a Muslim woman when she's in heaven. Is it because God believes that women shouldn't know what awaits them in the other life? Or is it simply because God doesn't think it's that important?

Despite all this, I can't get over one thought that keeps ringing in my mind which is; Why does god always refer to him self as "He"? Is he male? Let's look at this in a good logical way. Supposing that god is male, that means that he has a male's reproductive organs. Just to explain what I'm trying to say here, I want you to read the following verse:

"Say: He, Allah, is One (1) Allah is He on Whom all depend (2) He begets not, nor is He begotten (3) And none is like Him (4)"

The Unity Sura Verses 1, 2, 3, and 4

In this verse God claims that he wasn't given birth nor did he have given birth. So now if God is male, and he has a male's reproductive organs, then they would be useless because there would be no female of his kind to have a sexual intercourse with, and it purely makes no sense because he just said in his Qura'an as illustrated in the previous verse that he is "One", "and none is like Him". So what is the point of being a male if you can't perform a male's natural role?

Let's just face the simple and crystal clear facts, it was not God who created man in his image, it was man who created God in his own image. Therefore man puts all his attributes in to his god, because men are always struggling for more power, most men wish to be Gods so it is very typical that man would imagine a god in his image.

In third world nations a man expresses his manhood through abusing women and displaying his strength and leadership to overpower and enslave women and keep them obedient to his wishes thus he becomes a mini God, or at least views him self as so. It is very traditional that men are far more superior to women in the Arab world, the less man abuses women, the more he feels like a woman.

Do we really need a God to tell us that women should be treated equally? When did humanity lose track of the sense of right or wrong, justice or injustice towards our equal partners "women"?

I believe that we should put our highly evolved brain in to good use, instead of wasting our time on an imaginary God, we should spend more time harmonizing the connection between men ad women, without pointing out at each other's differences, because there is no such thing as a superior sex, both genders can benefit from each other's knowledge and experience if both genders given equal opportunities to reach a higher potential.

Before Islam

The Common Theme:

The common theme of that age was a sad image; More than 1465 years ago, there was a nation that can only be described by its ignorance, greed, and its extreme lack of justice. Such nation was overfilled with heartless savage and barbarians who would not hesitate to kill the weak and powerless, those who couldn't help them selves found no one to help them against the injustice that took place or to simply seek refuge at that time.

You would find crimes every day, the powerful who steels from the weak, the rich taking from the poor, not to mention the every day's injustice in every day life at the time.

If you were living in a time like that, weak, and helpless, wouldn't you wish for a savior to appear from the heavens and save you from your misery?

It was commonly known to be a disgrace for a father to have a daughter, therefore a woman would be buried a live with her new-born child if she gives birth to a girl. Women were treated like slaves and had no opinion of their own as we still witness till our day in most Arab countries, they were presented as gifts to seal a good business deal, and they were mainly for recreational purposes only.

Before Mohammad came up with the concept of Islam, he was known in his community as the honest man, this was due to his fare trade with incoming and out going caravans that brought goods from and to Hijaz (which is Saudi Arabia now).

Even when Mohammad was well known for his honesty and fare trade, and even if he claims to have given women their rights, he wasn't being completely honest. Still one thing is true, Mohammad did preach about Women rights, yet he him self didn't abide by his teaching. Before the conceiving of Islam many know that Mohammad had 11 spouses, one of them was 6 years of age at engagement, and was 9 years of age at marriage, her name was A'esha. Now, of all people who preach about right and wrong, Mohammad should know better that it is not in A'esha's best interest to be married in such a young age, if he committed such action in our days, he would've been thrown in jail as a pedophile.

Yet we still hear the sheikhs, and Imams trying to justify Mohammad's action by twisting and turning facts, just like one sheikh would say: "that you can't compare the sense of right and wrong in our days, with sense of right and wrong Mohammad's days", which also creates a contradiction, because Mohammad also said that: "Islam is a religion for every time and place" therefore leaving no chance to false justifications, it can only mean that what was wrong then is still wrong now, and vise versa.