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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Before Islam

The Common Theme:

The common theme of that age was a sad image; More than 1465 years ago, there was a nation that can only be described by its ignorance, greed, and its extreme lack of justice. Such nation was overfilled with heartless savage and barbarians who would not hesitate to kill the weak and powerless, those who couldn't help them selves found no one to help them against the injustice that took place or to simply seek refuge at that time.

You would find crimes every day, the powerful who steels from the weak, the rich taking from the poor, not to mention the every day's injustice in every day life at the time.

If you were living in a time like that, weak, and helpless, wouldn't you wish for a savior to appear from the heavens and save you from your misery?

It was commonly known to be a disgrace for a father to have a daughter, therefore a woman would be buried a live with her new-born child if she gives birth to a girl. Women were treated like slaves and had no opinion of their own as we still witness till our day in most Arab countries, they were presented as gifts to seal a good business deal, and they were mainly for recreational purposes only.

Before Mohammad came up with the concept of Islam, he was known in his community as the honest man, this was due to his fare trade with incoming and out going caravans that brought goods from and to Hijaz (which is Saudi Arabia now).

Even when Mohammad was well known for his honesty and fare trade, and even if he claims to have given women their rights, he wasn't being completely honest. Still one thing is true, Mohammad did preach about Women rights, yet he him self didn't abide by his teaching. Before the conceiving of Islam many know that Mohammad had 11 spouses, one of them was 6 years of age at engagement, and was 9 years of age at marriage, her name was A'esha. Now, of all people who preach about right and wrong, Mohammad should know better that it is not in A'esha's best interest to be married in such a young age, if he committed such action in our days, he would've been thrown in jail as a pedophile.

Yet we still hear the sheikhs, and Imams trying to justify Mohammad's action by twisting and turning facts, just like one sheikh would say: "that you can't compare the sense of right and wrong in our days, with sense of right and wrong Mohammad's days", which also creates a contradiction, because Mohammad also said that: "Islam is a religion for every time and place" therefore leaving no chance to false justifications, it can only mean that what was wrong then is still wrong now, and vise versa.


tareq said...

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be that god then

tareq said...

if you dont belive in god that your problem .
but dont say (dumm..) casue you are the dummiest people

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Thinkers said...

Have u do a thorough research of the Quran and the Bible? Have u ever asked all ur doubt and questions to any Imam or Priests? I suggest you talk about what u believe and do not waste time on what other people believe as u cant change them. Enrich the world with what you believe. You give me a very bad impression of Atheist. Be it Islam, Christianity, Buddha or Hindu, at least we do not talk bad about other people belief. An atheist follow what principle? To go around and find fault in every other religion, especially Islam, so that you can reassure yourself of your believe? What a pitiful way of being an atheist then!

Anonymous said...

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