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Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Monster called Religion

It is interesting how a Muslim lives his/her life, and how much of a narrow minded person do you have to become to live such a life. When you're not allowed to think freely, or to express your self in the form of art, when you're not allowed to appreciate the beautiful things in life, then you must be a person who has truly lost your way, and the natural light that once was lighting your way has dimmed and faded as you got brain washed while growing up.

Religion has blinded us from the obvious truth, now that religion is a monster that says "close your eyes and follow me, if you open your eyes, then you shall burn in hell for the rest of eternity" at that point you can imagine lakes of fire and torment, being damned in hell for all eternity is a hard thing, so I better keep my eyes shut and believe. Well, I've been there and I felt that fear for so long and I kept my eyes closed, till one day I decided to open them and at the moment I opened my eyes, I saw that there was no Monster, and I saw the world in a different color. All that it takes is a little courage.

As long as your eyes are closed there is no possible way that you can see the truth, as long as your eyes are closed there is no possible way that you can know that there is no Monster judging your every thought and sending he's minions to spy on you.

Then the Monster Says: "Who hears the communications of Allah recited to him, then persists proudly as though he had not heard them; so announce to him a painful punishment" The Kneeling Surah, Verse 8

Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real? And when you woke up from that dream you were so grateful that it was just a nightmare? It is the same with Islam, In this Islamic nightmare the Monster keep convincing you that if you wake up, you'll find a painful punishment waiting for you, and because the dream is real as long as you're still in it, you find it hard to believe that you will be safe after you open your eyes and awake from the terrible nightmare. But for how long have you been having this bad dream, have you ever wondered how the world would look like if you just open your eyes for one second?

Then you hear the Monster's voice again saying: "And Allah's is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth; and on the day when the hour shall come to pass, on that day shall they perish who say false things" The Kneeling Surah, Verse 27

At this point you're trying harder not to open your eyes, but deep down in your mind you hear a faint voice telling you to open your eyes, you try to ignore that voice, but the faint voice keep echoing in your mind and insists that you open your eyes, now you're in a struggle between the faint voice and the Monster that is telling you to stay in it's Nightmare. But you can't ignore the faint voice because the more you think of it, the louder it gets, till it becomes loud enough that you no longer hear the Monster, you feel a bit relieved now that you can't hear the scary monster's voice, and the fear is gone, so you finely decide to open your eyes, at the first moment of opening there is an over whelming bright light that makes it in to your eye, and it's too much for you to take, because you've been in the darkness for too long, you rub your eyes, but soon your eyes adjust to the bright light and every thing look clear to you, now you see the true colors of life, and the best part is, there is no Monster, and there is lakes of fire, there is no torment, so you release a sigh of relief because now you're enlightened, and you have killed the Monster called Religion.

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