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Monday, January 22, 2007

The Holly Crap

Recently I have come across some incredible articles during my internet research about Mohammad's Characteristics, it strike me as surprising and disgusting as I read the article and realize how far people around Mohammad worshiped him as the supposed-to-be messenger of god.

Unfortunately the article was written in Arabic; however I will do my best to translate the essence of the article in English.

The article talks about Mohammad's spit, sweat, blood, defecation, urine, and semen.

Spit: Of course as we all may have known, that Mohammad being the prophet of God, therefore his mouth does not contain any sort of germs, or any kind of impurities.

It is mentioned in stories told about him through out his life that his spit was used as means of medicine to cure illnesses and severed body parts.

In one of those stories, a woman came to Mohammad with her son and told him that her son is rebellious and possessed by a demon, so the Mohammad opened the boy's mouth and spat in it, and repeated this sentence three times :"Be gone Enemy of God, I'm the prophet of Allah".

In another story, Mohammad was drinking water, then a man came to him and begged Mohammad to spit in that drink so that he can offer it to his father, may it will purify his heart. So did Mohammad, the man went to his father with the cup of spit in his hand and offered it to his father, were the father asked his son, about the contents of the cup. And the son replied, it contains the spit of Mohammad and it will purify your heart. The father replied: "I rather drink your mother's urine, for it is more pure than that spit".

Sweat: It appears that Mohammad didn't produce sweat like the sweat that humans produced, as we've been told, but his sweat was a holly sweat, that smelled good.

In one story Mohammad was spending the night at Anas's home, while he was sleeping he started to sweat, when Anas's Mother came to him while he was a sleep, and started drying his sweat with a piece of cloth and in to a small bucket. While this was happening, Mohammad suddenly woke up, and asked Anas's mother what she was doing. She answered: "it's so we can use it as a perfume"

Holly Shit: Mohammad was also famous for his Holly Shit, stories about him tell the significance of his digestive system, and about the sweet aroma of his Holly Shit, not only that, it also says that when ever Mohammad went to take a crap, the earth would open up under his ass, and swallow his shit. As you can tell, it's amazing.

what is more amazing, is that most Muslims all over the world are willing to believe all this, but they still don't believe that man has landed on the moon. it is the ignorance that made religious people believe in myths and rubbish, and reject science with all the evidence that it has provided.


coca said...

I think you are Skeptic and you are kind a full of hatred for Islam and Muslims and fucked in your mind man.
You are twisting things, creating things up, I am a Muslim, and I never heard about the things you are stating here.

I don't know who pays you to do this, but it is clear that if you really were muslin you would never say what I read, so these stupid ignorant essays aren't coming from a Muslim for sure.

One thing I can tell you man, you will really have a bad ending man, so repent while you can.

Anonymous said...

may a big, ugly, sweaty, smelly, dirty and hairy pack of swine rape you to death, and your mother, and your grandmother's corpse, and your future daughters and sons, you stupid filthy idiotic dimwitted mohammedan de a verga hijueputa vete a tragar mierda de camello reconchetumadrerefluchetumadrehijueputa.

Anonymous said...

both the above posters are fucking idiots. Of course this wasn't written by a muslim, if it was, it would be biased and stupid, because muslims are retards. And what was that about him having a bad ending? If I had written this article, I'd report the little fucker (coca) to the police so they can trace his IP and arrest him for death threats.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about Muslim's, but here is what I do know. The church, any church on earth is made up of people. People who believe in many things. People who can't agree, people who who use God to their own purpose.
I do know science. It too is made up of many people. Like the 'church going people' they to believe in many things. Things they can't agree on. And like the church they too use thier belief in science for their own purposes. Would Darwin have been anything if he had not wrote what he wrote. After all, by all acounts he was a poor scientist. No, he would have starved. He challenged the church, not because he had a great theory, but because it made him money and gave him fame. People will be people.Today, he is in the grave. Nothing more then a memory.
And what is so smart about science. It can measure only what it sees. It can except only what it can touch. Only man is arrogant enough to assume he can understand everthing. Its a hopeless belief. And dies with its author.
Here's the question,
If I could prove God to you, be on any doubt... if I could show you Christ beyond question, would you really except him. My guess,No. You have your gods.


Anonymous said...

I googled godfordummies.com because i am still musing about for a name for the web site i am close to completing the artful adornment of ... i see that it is taken ... awe shucks, but seriously folks ... i am tickled by your presentation and the potty humorous people opinion postings ... i sense that you as well as your supporters/detractors have done some homework? ... and some of your readings and personal understandings i assume were all searched out in good faith? ... i am always honored by the honest and sporting conversation with someone who is well read but not weighted, anchored, tethered, chained and distracted by snug and snootely "there's safety in numbers" kind of conventional wisdom ... my best friend is someone who would humorously help me destroy my weak thoughts and laugh with me together at my silly-ness and thereby exalt, refine, sail off and sally forth with the strong ones ... i call it 'mind sex' - the exchange of information which breeds beautiful new thought children with whom we can laugh, bounce and play ... some of us cling to these weakly 'moo of the herd' ideas, even though they would drag us into the pit with a bunch of other mooing idiots ... but how do we prove or dis-prove such things? ... is there anything true because i or you say so? no, it must have already been true before that if it is really true ... my own intellect challenged me from jesus's questions of ' It is written ', 'have you not read ' or 'does it not say ' ... my life's study has been the careful and ceaseless sniffing of this trail ... one of the jewels i have found in my search were the words of Allah ... only a fraction of the Qur'an is actually Allah speaking in the first person ... it seems as if islam has fallen in with all of the rest in that it paid more attention to everything else but this fraction in the book even though there are some very strong and scary admonitions against doing so ... so i gathered the words of Allah and Jesus from it and will leave the rotting husk of islam and the rest of it alone ... being an outsider and being familiar with how Judaism, christianity an hinduism have castrated and frozen their gods into some hideous chasing his tail kind of god of revenge ... it's all so predictable, start a club, feed the monkey un-holy peanuts and watch him shit on his fellow monkey ... I'm talking too much ... but the jewell collection is a collection of the documents which exist in literature which contain text claiming by it's context to be GOD speaking in the first person ... i only found there to be four of them only ... Allah, Jesus, YHWH and Krishna ... i found them to be much more agreeable with each other than the knaves, clowns or fools who claim to represent them are ... the words of these speakers are the subject of the website ... just passing through and thought i'd toss you a thought frizbee ... from the gut



awakened said...

FUCK ISRAEL, thank you for proving my point. Islam is a religion of terror, and you're a big contributor to its terror

MUSLIM said...

why would you say something you're not even sure if it's right or wrong ?!! .. you're just acting like an ass !!
how could you say such a thing about our prophet (PBUH) ... you're just a FUCKIN' ASSHOLE !! ..

Anonymous said...

Islam is like the sun. If you close your eyes, you can not annihilate truts.
But truths will disapper just for you. My brother, Do not spend your lifes like a sheep.
Do not spend your lifes for nothing. The prejudices makes people poor. You have no idea
about Islam. First, you have to investigate that. If you do not want it it is your decision
no one will not be sorry for you. No one do not care about you. You can do what ever you want.
Life is not permanent. Your death will be come. Do not become regretful during your death.

Jack said...

Allah will never forgive you

In hell you and all the people like you

Anonymous said...

Then he's not merciful as you claim.

Anonymous said...

I know u others(Not Muslims) dont trust me and dont listen me..I know u guys say me U RE LIAR...But in judgement day you guys see what happen.And Who draw these things ı dont know but Hell its wait you...I just say that..Please read the Kur-an(Holly book) and think what you must do!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

In Islam we are taught to forgive and use wisdom. I think the auther of the essay has no evidence to support his arguments or rather what he is writing, or should i say he lost it in translation, if he/she translated it from arabic. And everything in arabic does not represnt islam. The author just wrote some baseless stories without giving us source reference. the other think i would like to clarify here is Islam teachs muslims to seek knowledge, in other words seeking knowledge is mandatory upon every muslim regardless of their sex. try to make research before you write about religion you know nothing about.

Anonymous said...

first thing: Mohammed was a Prophet and the prophets was chosen by Allah so do not disrespect him

second thing: i never heard about what you wrote and this cant't be wrote by a hand of a muslem but even you belive in that unlogicly crap i remember thier other prophtes have a miracles to think about that

third thing: there no muslem on earth through ages ignore or disrespect or hate science but as i can remember that the church it self fight and hated and count science a work of devil and black magic not just that but leaded a campaign against it in that time Baghdad was the first sity for science in the hole world

before you talk and put stupid things on enternet study a little that will protect you from looking like idiot

Richard said...

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warlam said...

oh my god. thats dangerous to write such thing about Mohammed.
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Felix Manyogote said...

U are the most stupid person in this world..please delete that photo and don't ever think to
do something like that...RESPECT ME AND I'LL RESPECT YOU..