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Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm sorry for not posting any thing and not replying to any responses so far, the reason being that the Saudi Authority has put this blog behind a firewall, I guess it offends some Muslims for people like me to speak out our mind. Trying to oppress some one by not giving him/her an outlet to subjectively express his/her opinion is one the main oppressive characteristics of the Saudi government, they think that they can silence people from speaking out our minds with their huge firewalls built by the very same infidels that they are at war against. However, this is not what i came here to talk about.
After reading some responses from my dear readers, this post will be as a quick response to the comments made through out the articles of this blog.

One of the readers commented by expressing his views about the link between quantum physics and the supernatural, and the probability of other realms existing out side of our existence. He also argues that i should not be narrow minded to the point were i rule out that possibility.
In response I would like to say that in the wacky world of quantum physics; Every thing seems to be possible and impossible at the same time, to Quote a great mind, Albert Einstein once said when he was trying to explain Quantum Physics in a Nutt-Shell he said "If you think you understand Quantum Physics, Then you don't understand Quantum Physics" What Einstein was trying to say is that Quantum Physics is an extremely vast science that we are barely capable of harnessing the feed back that it gives back to our basic minds, Quantum Physics talks about extra dimensions and higher and lower dimensions, and invisible matter ans anti matter to the point it leaves scientists baffled.
Having said that, Yes Due to the higher dimensions and the possibility of parallel universes, there could be realms out side of our existence, My argument is not about possibilities of other realms existing or not existing. I apologize if i haven't made this point clear enough in my previous posts, unfortunately I haven't spoken about Quantum Physics enough to make a clear cut case earlier.
My argument to religious people is as follows;

- What makes you so sure that those existences out side of our universe is the realm of God?
- Have you been to a higher dimension to see this for your self, and bring back un-refutable evidence from that higher dimension?
- And if you're not capable of traveling through worm holes, have you sent a space probe on your behalf, out of fear of being ripped apart by massive black hole's gravitational madness?
- Why is it Allah who resides in the higher dimensions, not Buddha?
- Why is it Yahweh who resides in the higher dimensions, not Zeus?
- Why is it Krishna who resides in the higher dimensions, not The Flying Spaghetti Monster?
(A friendly reminder, telling me that it is written in the bible, Quraan, is not proof, it is just your word against other words that claim their Gods exist in that very same higher dimension that you claim for your God)

The reason why i think Religious people are narrow minded is because they feel the need to narrow the whole existence so that it comfortably fits in the palm of God's hand. Because a religious person has no problem imagining different scenarios of endless possibilities as long as there is God at the end of each scenario, while other scenarios that does not have God at the end of it is considered crack-put science.

Basing my belief on hard evidence is the only reason preventing me from making the wrong decisions in life, it also prevents me from falling pray to people who use religion for their personal financial or political gain.
I have faith in this chair that I'm sitting on right now, because i can sit on it confidently knowing that it is supporting my weigh and that it will not break and make me hit my ass on the ground. I have more faith in this chair than i do in any God described or passed on from ancient literature.

Is God testing my faith?
You claim that your God is all knowing, he can see in to the future, this means that he knows in advance the results of the test of faith, therefor there is no need to conduct this test of faith because the results are already known to him. I will use the same analogy that used long time ago in this blog, which is:

Suppose i ask you to grab a rock and throw it as hard as you can at your neighbor's glass window.
I'm sure that you won't do as i say, because you already know in advance that by throwing that rock at that window will cause the window to break, and it will get you in trouble with your neighbor.

Now if we apply that same analogy to the reason why God created humans (supposing that there is a god) God knows in advance that there will be atheists whom will die not believing in his existence, and also knowing in advance that those Atheists will burn in hell, yet he still goes forward with his plan, and creates humans, This can only mean one thing, that God wants us Atheists to fry in his hell, and still dare to call him self a loving God.

This is just one aspect of the great conflicts in religion, and yet religious people decide to turn a blind eye, and keep believing Myths. and call those Myths science facts, when it is has nothing to do with science.