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Monday, August 13, 2007

Near Death Delusions

Like every typical morning, i arrived to work, and like always, the first thing i do is check my e-mail, then I found an e-mail waiting in my inbox with the subject "Saved from Hell - Rev. Howard Storm's near-death experience" so I would like to quote some text from the e-mail and present it to you in this blog post:

“Rev. Howard Storm, a Professor of Art at Northern Kentucky University, was not a very pleasant man. He was an avowed atheist and was hostile to every form of religion and those who practiced it. He often would use rage to control everyone around him and he didn't find joy in anything. Anything that wasn't seen, touched, or felt, he had no faith in. He knew with certainty that the material world was the full extent of everything that was. He considered all belief systems associated with religion to be fantasies for people to deceive themselves with. Beyond what science said, there was nothing else.”

After reading this, it got me thinking about the other large amount of emails I received regarding famous scientists converting to Christianity or to Islam, not just e-mails, but I also you can read about it in religious blogs that are spread all over the internet like butter on toasted bread.

As I read the e-mail I’m filled with shock and dismay as to how religion always portrays Atheists. As if we are savage blood thirsty monsters. Therefore I decided to write this post and perhaps manage to explain the motives of such accusations made towards Atheists by religion.

First I need to stress out and clarify to the readers that Humans are emotional beings when it comes to family values friendships and life or death experiences. For example a person who gets insulted reacts to the insult according to his/her emotions. And depending on that persons “sensitive nature” dictates the amount or the magnitude of the reaction of that person. In our everyday life we go through all sorts of emotional experience that by itself shapes and defines how we act, react, and respond to those experiences, and how we act, react, and respond to similar experiences in the future.

Sometimes those experiences could have a strong impact on us, and it could and in most cases can alter how we behave to certain factors that contributed to that experience. Now, let’s set up an equation for this:

Magnitude of Experience + Person’s Emotional state = the amount of Alteration of that person’s behavior.

Rev. Howard Storm went through an emotional experience due to a perforation of the stomach that according to his emotional state changed his behavior. That blinded his mind from facts and logic. The high level of experience that he experienced made him delusional for that period of time, which made him imagine “a bright light at the end of a long tunnel”. It is a very well known fact that our mind plays tricks on us in certain times especially when we’re being deeply in an emotional state. There is however other factors that lead Rev. Howard Storm to his delusion during his near death experience. Which is the rule that religion plays in our everyday life, and how it always manages to infiltrate our minds with its teaching and preaching, just like a magician who prepares his audience for hypnosis, as the crowd carefully watch his hands and eyes gestures and listen to his words that echo deep in to their minds, then they find themselves helplessly giving in then the magician starts programming his audiences minds through spoken words and commands them to execute his word after he counts till three and snap his fingers. Religion plays the same role as the magician. It fills our minds with fairy tales and stories that are not related to logic or common sense in what so ever way. This goes on from the day you’re born till one day you go through an experience that makes you lose your sense of logical judgment for a certain amount of time in that amount of time religion snaps it’s fingers, as all the teachings and preaching you’ve had heard since your childhood till that day storms through your mind and you become fully hypnotized to religion’s will. At that moment of weakness a person admits to his/her delusion as facts. Religion finds opportunity in times like this to spread its disease to gain more control over the masses, it takes advantage of our weakness of our fears and emotions. And turn it all against us if we decide not accept to swallow their poison.

And if you do not accept superstations as facts, then you become abandoned and neglected and hated and despised by the vast majority of religious people whom your parents friends family the society that surrounds you could be part of. I can’t recall meeting an Atheist who’s unpleasant, in fact all Atheists that I have crossed paths with are people who are concerned with global issues and the wrong moral teachings of religion such as war against nations with different beliefs and forcing religion down the troths of people whom by their birth right have the right to say decline such doctoring of the mind.

The way that religion forces itself on Atheists contributes to the way how Atheists react to such attitude taken towards them, and being a minority in a society that has no respect for your rights to think and believe freely it builds hatred and discomfort, not to mention the feeling of oppression which leads to being resentful and in many cases sarcastic towards the very same people that exercise oppression and brutal force to subdue beliefs other than theirs.

People come in all sorts of colors and backgrounds; it is not an Atheist’s convictions that dictate his/her actions, but it’s the lifestyle that he/she was brought up upon. If you teach a child to hate a number of people, then that child will grow up with that hate built in to his/her mind which is what religion exercises through church, mosques, and school in a systematic manner.

Religion has been dictating how we should behave and live and eat for thousands of years, and we’ve submitted our most precious gift (our minds) to a delusion, I believe it is time for us to rid ourselves from this delusion and start dictating to ourselves on how to best behave and act in a way that is not harmful to others.