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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Believe or Else

"There is no compulsion in religion; truly the right way has become clearly distinct from error; therefore, whoever disbelieves in the Shaitan (Devil) and believes in Allah he indeed has laid hold on the firmest handle, which shall not break off, and Allah is Hearing, Knowing." Verse 256 The Cow Sura.

One of the many contradictions in Islam, is the one that preaches about freedom of belief, in the verse above from the Quran it clearly states that there is no compulsion in Islam, any one who reads this might feel re-asured, i know i did. then when you read the verse that follows it, the whole concept changes.

"Allah is the guardian of those who believe. He brings them out of the darkness into the light; and (as to) those who disbelieve, their guardians are Shaitans (Devil) who take them out of the light into the darkness; they are the inmates of the fire, in it they shall abide." Verse 257 The Cow Sura.

It is pretty obviouse now that the second verse contradicts with the first one, because Mohammad tells you that no one is forcing you to become a Muslim or to remain Muslim, then on the second verse he promises those who don't convert to Islam or who don't remain in Islam will have to suffer the torment of hell fire. I guess there is not much of choice there, Believe or burn in hell. It sounds like an effective scheme to put fear in the minds of the ignorant, and make him/her submit to his/her delusions which Mohammad had planted in his/her minds, at the same time believing that they didn't feel forced or brutally forced to be Muslims.

It is nothing more than a mind games that Mohammad likes to play on his followers, to insure obedience, submission, and leadership over the masses, and he was also good at setting examples along the way by killing all those who didn't believe him or criticized him by executing them in public, thus planting more fear in the hearts of people, fear to speak, fear of freedom, and fear of thinking, or doubt. Even now more than 1400 years after his death, people are afraid to doubt Gods existence even at their own discretion, because they've seen they have a delusion a scary fantasy in their minds that repels them from doubting, even if for some reason they start to doubt for as less as a micro-second, they mumble a few of Mohammad's magic words to repent from the sin of doubting.

Mohammad had left behind the book that he wrote "Quran" this book is now used to fulfill Mohammad's birocracy by terrorising the innocent, killing and torturing those who don't believe. Even on a smaller scale, when it comes to family relations, an atheist or a person who doesn't believe in the relegion of the parents will be an out-cast and will be rejected, his/her friends will see him/her as a person who's on hell's waiting list. It is that same relegion that takes away the goodness from people's heart. and replaces it with revenge.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Islamic Miracles in Nature

You might have heard about or seen some of the pictures that Muslims claim to be a miraculous work of God (Allah). They are posted every were on the net mainly in Islamic websites. Here i will show you a few pictures with a little comment on each picture.

I remember when i was about 7 years old i used to play a game with my friends, as we watch the cloudy sky, and imagine the shapes that clouds form, and try to guess what that shape is. in the above picture Muslims claim that a divine force had shaped that cloud to form the name of "Allah" in Arabic calligraphy. it makes me wonder though. Why would god shape his name on a cloud in Arabic calligraphy, so that only Arabs can understand his "message" why didn't he shape it in English letters? does Arabs really need any more convincing of the existence of a divine delusion?

Let's look at it from a more logical perspective, which is that clouds shift shapes thousands of times every day, and it forms millions of shapes that really looks like a face or a bunny rabbit, etc. couldn't it be possible that out of those millions of shapes that the clouds had took form of, to form a single shape that looks like the Arabic word of "Allah"?

This picture is not any different from the one above it, it's also based on the same principle of chance. through-out not just millions, but billions of years that it is a given fact that trees also grow to take different shapes. Muslims see this as a person in the "Ruku" position which is a position taken during prayer. The fact of the matter is that every one can look at this image from their own perspective using a little imagination. for example in that image i don't see a person praying to god, but i do see some one bending over about to get fucked.

At this point, I'm thinking that Muslims had really out-done them selves, but i got one word for this picture "coincidence" which is also explained by the same principle that i have explained above.

Here is another interesting picture, this was taken in
Indonesia, when the unfortunate disaster took place "Tsunami" In the picture there is a mosque that had survived this disaster, which made Muslims go "wow" and also had put them in the delusion that God (Allah) had protected that mosque. Could it be; that the mosque didn't collapse because it is made from heavy concrete cement and was re-enforced with a lot of steel? If you take a look at the top of the image you will also find another building that had survived the disaster, could it also be that God was protecting that building as well? or could it be that the other building is built from concrete and re-enforced with steel as well? while all the other houses were not strong enough to stand against such a great natural disaster.

Not to mention that Muslims believe Tsunami was sent by God to punish Indonesians for their sins. Look at the statistics, the victims of Tsunami were poor and innocent people, so it appears that in God's logic it's a sin to be poor.

Finely, If there was a God who is causing natural disasters to punish nations for their sins, and since God hates jews so much; then why doesn't that same God send a Tsunami to Israel and kill every jewish there so that Muslims can "claim back their God given right to own that land?".

A person who has a high level of intellect would easily refute those pictures as evidence of the existence of a supreme being. coincidence is not a word that refers to something that happened out of blind chance, there are laws the govern the randomness of our universe, and it's the accumulations of those law's results that leads to what we perceive as blind chance. We just have to look at the matter from a wider perspective so we can see the big picture, instead of narrowing our selves to only one imaginary solution "God".

There is nothing special about the above pictures, simply because we can look at random things and see what ever we like, i have collected some pictures of random things we see in every day life, that vaguely, or clearly looks like a duck as can seen bellow:

If i were to interpret these images as most Muslims do, then the only conclusion that i would come up with is that God is a duck.

Nature can be chaotic and random, and it produces things in so many random shapes and sizes, if we look close enough we are bound at some point to see something from nature that happens to resemble something familiar to us, that doesn't mean that there is a divine force at work.

Friday, February 02, 2007

What does religion really want from you?

It is no longer a surprise that religion (especially Islam) was the cause of ignorance and monstrosity, not to mention injustice, intolerance. a religious person would say that religion is a faith that guide people into the light, and stands against ignorance?

Well, here's what religion really wants from you:
1- believe in god.
2- never doubt his existence or you shall fry in hell for the rest of eternity.
3- try to convert those who don't believe in god.
4- if you can't convert them, then fight them.
5- spread the word of god all over the world.
6- don't buy from non believers, or sell to them.
7- if you found out that your brother, sister or a relative is a non believer then you should kill him/her
8- read the bible or Quraan till it sticks in your head.
9- brain wash your children and force them to believe in religion.
10- gay men and women should be killed.
11- say good bye to your privacy because God has angels that spy on you 24/7/365.
12- rage wars against other nations that don't believe in your god.
13- donate lots of money to church, or a mosque, so they can build more churches or mosques, and print more bibles or quraans.

Here's what happens when you do nothing of the above:

1- you're no longer bound by an imaginary force that limits your brain activity.
2- you can doubt every thing, which eventually leads you to the absolute truth.
3- you will no longer be a threat to others and you will not cause harm to others who think different from you.
4- commercial relations will be stronger than ever, having an open market between all nations without boycotts, which will enhance the economy.
5- you will have more useful material to read instead of the bible or the Quraan. which will raise your level of intellectuality.
6- your children will grow with the ability to think correctly and not judge people by what they believe in.
7- gay men and women will finely live in peace since their sexual orientation is their own personal business, not yours.
8- you can rest assured that you have a privacy and there is no angels spying on your every thought. so there's no one breathing down your neck (maybe just your boss)
9- there will be world peace, since no one believes in a god that tells them to kill each other in his name.
10- instead of donating your money to a mosque or a church, you can donate your money to build schools, libraries, or universities, or scientific research, which will result in more scientific achievements that will make your life better, and a generation of highly intelligent people. and less poverty, less ignorance, less unemployment.

These are just a few things from the top of my head, imagine just by letting go of your fear of the imaginary god, you'll be making the world one step closer to being a better place to live. try reading the bible or the Quraan from a humanitarian perspective, you'll see that it only revolves around killing and blood shed. why would some one want to be part of community that has no humanity in it? that lives by the motto "believe or else"?
we've all seen what religion done over the past few years from terrorism to war to mass killing, not to mention what was going on in the dark ages from burning, slaying witch-craft. Now we're living in the 21st century and in many nations it's still considered a crime to think or to doubt. how can humanity advance if there are authorities out there that tells us not to think, that brain washes us through the media with lies and deception?

Every day we find religion coming up with new methods to control our lives and our thoughts, which is the real philosophy that stands behind religion, it's a system of control and its what it wants to do, to control the world.