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Friday, September 26, 2008

God's Attributes = Conflicts

While you're surfing through the net, you might have come across some websites that preach the magnificence of God and how he forgives our sins. You would also hear them tell you to repent and accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior so your soul would be spared from eternal damnation. Then they would tell you about the attributes of God and his perfection. But is he really perfect as they would claim he is?

In this article i would like to take a closer look at God's attributes and as i go along i hope that you will come to realize the conflicts that arise of such claims of perfection, I have no doubt in my mind that without any much effort of explaining you'll be able to realize the conflict on your own.

First i would like to start with the conflict of God's knowledge of the future, his knowledge of what you and i think in our most inner thoughts, what we feel and how we will feel in the future, how we react and will react to certain events that are bound to happen in the future, and his knowledge of the consequences of our decisions and reactions. Now you might have read in the bible or the Quraan that God has given human kind the freedom of choice so he can test them to see if they are worthy of his good grace. the problem that arise from this attribute is; If God really does know in advance what are the choices you're going to make, and whether you're going to be a devout Christian or Muslim, wouldn't that knowledge by it self take away your freedom of choice? A Christian or a Muslim's answer would be "Yes But God has given you the ability to sin, so that you can repent and then God would reward you" but that doesn't really answer anything does it? because even if God did in fact give humans the ability to sin, he would already know in advance which of us will repent and which of us will still doubt his existence. so giving humans the ability of choice between good and evil doesn't really work very well with God's knowledge of the future.
A good example of this problem can be found in the story of Adam and Eve, the first two humans that God had created in his heaven. After God had created those two first humans he said to them, that they are allowed to eat from all the fruits of the trees of heaven but the fruit of this certain tree they are not allowed to eat of, because when they do there eyes will be opened and they will have knowledge of good and evil, but they disobeyed God any way and they ate the fruit of that forbidden tree, and the first thing they realized that they were naked so they covered their nakedness with fig leafs, after that God punished them and all of Humanity by kicking them out of his heaven to earth. What i constantly ask my self after i hear this story is:
"How could Adam and Eve have the ability to sin if they had no knowledge of evil till they ate the fruit of the forbidden tree?" The question is paradoxical and pauses as a problem for Christians and Muslims alike. The real question is:
"If God knew in advanced that Adam and eve would eat from the fruit of that tree and disobey him, then why did he put that tree there in the first place?"

The second Attribute is the Loving Christian and Muslim God, Any believer of the sky Gods would happily parade his loving and merciful God in front of you, little does he realize that there is nothing that comes close to love and mercy in his God.Even though God claims that he loves you, he is willing to bake you in his super large oven for all eternity if you doubt his existence. Unless you realize this while you're still alive and repent from all your doubts and sins and embrace Christianity or Islam before it's too late. But what if i repent while I'm burning in hell? then would God save my tortured soul? the answer obviously is "NO" even though God loves you when you're alive he wants you to worship him and do all his bidding while you're on earth, but he most certainly hates you and despises you while you choke and scream in terrifying pain and agony in his hell that he in the first place had prepared to those that he love so much. I guess you can see the conflict in this matter. How can a loving and gentle God put some one that he claims to love and wants to save in this kind of horrifying experience?

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