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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Why are we here?

Before i go any further i would like to clarify to the readers that every thing i have written here is just my personal views and my thoughts about how we perceive our existence in relation to reality and the revocation of the God theory.

Why are we alive? what purpose do we serve by being here? Those questions are not new to any one, certainly to some one who has been contemplating about the reason for his/her existence. Yet so far little did manage to answer that question, but still those answers are nothing but theories and personal points of view on how some one perceives his/her existence. No matter how much thought or how much we wrestle with this question it keeps staring back in our faces with irony, our existence it seems to play a cruel joke as it we stumble around our busy lives thinking that we are so special that the universe revolves around us human beings.

But we're not as special as we think we are, however we maybe special to our selves or to the people we manage to empress with our gifted and highly evolved brains, but we're not any were near to being special in this universe or any other universe for that matter.

As human beings, having the power of knowledge and intellectuality, and reasoning power, we tend to come up with ways as attempts to justify our existence and answer our life long question "why are we here?" as a result some of us come up with brilliant ideas and theories, and some other come up with ignorant and delusional ideas and theories that are not based on any physical or scientific principles. Those ignorant ideas and theories come to us in the form of "religion" "God". because people need to believe that their life has a purpose, without a purpose they feel that their is no meaning to their existence.

That's is not true, believing in the existence of a God, dose not validate our existence, we are here, and we do exist with or without a God, and even without that God, we do have a purpose in life, that purpose is to procreate and to advance, and build and live on this planet, our purpose is to self sustain and to discover the vastness of the universe that we live in as nature has intended for us from the moment we started to evolve from bacterial beginning, and to go beyond the boundaries of this universe, Saying that God put us here so that we can worship him, is by it self as bad as taking large amounts of hallucinogenic drugs and destroying brain cells. Religion has been clouding our minds for so many centuries and it still does the same thing.

Life and Death experience is not a proof of God's existence, and just because some people are able to validate the concept of a supreme being who is able to control our live and see through our every thought at every moment of our lives is not a scientific proof, nor is it an acceptable proof that God does exist.

The reason for this is that people involve their emotions when they try to find the reason for their existence, and automatically they always go after the more convenient conclusion, the one that acts as a security blanket, even though reality is not as pleasant as we imagine it, sure it is reassuring to know that some one will be rewarded for their good deeds with a place filled with rivers of wine, and the most delicious fruits. Still it is not reality, reality is here on earth it is among us yet we fail to see it, we fail to see how we are hypnotized by figures of authority that use religion as an excuse to control our thoughts and our behavior and control the way we eat the way we interact with people the way we talk, the way we dress, the way think, the way we walk, that very same authority tells us how we should love, who we should hate, how should we spend our time, they tell us to bend over backwards and give up our minds and our freedom of though and speech, so that they can use us and abuse us and squeeze every drop of blood and dignity that we have left, we are oppressed by religion we feel it exercising it's oppression on us as we pay taxes, as we learn in schools, we are being brainwashed in every waking moment of our life, Yet we still fail to see what they are doing to us, they have us blindfolded from the truth, they draw an ugly picture and promise to deliver lakes of holly fire for those who dare to take the blindfolds off, and promise to deliver heaven to those who obey and live the rest of their lives as sheep, those promises are false, there is no heaven and there is no hell, there is no life after death, our life is what we make of it, God will only exist in our heads, because there is no place for him in our universe, God is nothing but an electric impulse traveling in our neuron networks of our brains, God is nothing, Nothing belongs to no were, therefor we should abolish this false thought from our minds, and set our selves free from the chains of this authority before it destroys us and destroys every thing we've worked for and built.

We came to existence by random chance, there is nothing special about that, but it is the closest thing to logic, saying that God created us does not solve unlock the secrets of the universe, because if God did create us, logic would demand a creator for the creator. Islam claims that the big bang theory is mentioned in the Holy Qura'n, but I will have to disagree with that, after doing some intensive research, the paragraph in the Qura'n about the big bang theory that Muslims seem to tose around so happily has nothing to do with that. in fact, the Qura'n says that God created a flat earth at the beginning of creation, then he built the universe around it in a form of seven layers. what is more ignorant is that when Muhammad explained the universe to his followers he was very much mistaken about the dimensions of our planet, and the distances that separate between us and the clouds in the sky, and the dimensions of the universe it self.

For instance, Muhammad would say that the distance between the surface of earth and the clouds is a 500 year walk. then he would say that our planted is divided in to seven layers, the thickness of each layer is a 700 year walk, which is completely wrong. further more, Muhammad also divided space into seven layers each layer's thickness is equal to a 500 years walk and above that is an ocean the distance from the bottom of that ocean to it's surface is equal to the whole 7 layers of space all put together, and above that is the throne of God.

If i were to run a simple calculation and add up those numbers i would come to this conclusion:

If an average person could walk at least 80 kilometers each day, then we multiply that by 365 which are the total number of days in one year. the result would be 29200 Kilometers per year, then if we multiply that number by 500, the result for that would be 14600000, then multiply that by 7, the result would be 102200000 Kilometers, then finally multiply that by 2, which is the measure of the ocean that sprays above the 7 layers of space, the result would finally come to this distance 204400000 Kilometers.

So, if you travel 204400000 Kilometers deep in to space in a straight line, then you should run in to God. The only problem is, that sun is 500 light seconds or 8 light minuts away from us, in kilometers the sun is 150000000 kilometers away from earth, this means that God is at twice the distance away from us. Keep in mind that the distance of the nearest star which is called Proxima Centauri is 678024000000 Kilometers away from our planet. If that is the case, then logically speaking, If the Proxima Centauri among other far away stars that are visible in the night sky as well as the sun the shines brightest of all because it is is so close to us, then imagine a God who is so great and so big and huge and so magnificent and so luminant and has a very shiny face, who's larger than all the planets and the sun and all the stars put together and who is not as far from us as our sun, wouldn't we be able to see that God?

God exists because we only believe that he exists, God is Freddy Kruger, he haunts our thought and our dreams, and he is only able to harm us if we believe in him. once you stop believing he can harm you no more.


Le Comte de Saint Germain said...

I just discovered your blog. Excellent stuff. I have been an atheïst ever since I was a small child that questioned everything and had a smart atheïst father. To me it is unbelievable how blind people are but I sometimes fail to explain them that what they belief cannot be correct. You have a way with words.

To this article I can only say (and without any sarcasm) AMEN!

awakened said...

Thank you so much for the comment, im finally glad to see that some one has wrote something positive about my blog, unlike the hate emails and death wishes i have been receiving from religious freaks.

Thank you, and come back soon to read more articles. :)

Baray said...

In your article you said that the life is what we live in this world and after dead everything is finished. Based on your thoughts, human should have had a very simple structure and very few abilities. Because the live style you draw for a human, doesn't need the complexities which he/she bears, which is something evident to all and is proven scientificaly.
How is she/he formed in uterus? Just by fusion of two different gamates(sperm and ovum), comparely very simple and very, very different structure to human body, without any organ, like a piece of flesh. Later on, it grows specific organs in order to adapt and prepare to the new world. Ultimately, comes to this world. Very weak, can not feed itself and knowing nothing. Grows up and starts to learn things and becomes a gentleman and finally goes towards the final destination, death. You say (That is the end, he/she is thrown away) right! Then what about the whole complex and mysterious processes and ways through which he reaches this point from the very beginning? Was that all a trivial and nonesense, PREPROGRAMMED BY ITSELF! He/she was created aimlessly!

Now, ask your logic about it. Will it accept that! You would probably say (yes). Then it would be probably more easier for your logic to accept this event:
Suppose you are sightseeing, suddenly your attention is attracted by a big tree.... MIRACLE HAPPENS!... You are staring to the event. The tree is being cut automatically by itslef into well-shaped pieces and very nice furnitures and desks are formed of it. You are astonished by this event!

Will it be true? Will you believe such event to happen? Well, to be honest, that is what your logic thinks of mankind and the whole universe. Amazing thoughts! I am astonished!

(I am sorry for being direct, but that is the only way I could tell it.)

Fahim said...

Unfortunately the logic associated with your post seems to have some existential influences. If the Universe as a totality has no ultimate purpose, than nothing within it has any either.

No purpose we subjectively perceive is therefore, true. Its nothing more than an act of self-delusion. We create purpose out of nothingness. However, from nothingness comes nothingness. Humans are on a sinking ship, as we know our life on earth will all end. As such, why does it matter if we rearrange the chairs on the chair, or help the old lady get up from her chair? In the end it will be meaningless, once the ship sinks.

Furthermore, if God exists, He is necessary, so to say we exist with or without a god is presumptuous.

Moreover, having a greater purpose as a human in no way means we are special in this universe. It simply means we inhabit a purposeful universe. This view reaffirms the fact that the universe is in fact a purposeful and meaningful system. And as humans endowed with consciousness, we have been given a spiritual test.

If our clothing and the chair we sit on have a certain purpose (to serve us), its hard to imagine how we do not.

The fine-tuning of the universe (which was necessary for evolution to work in the first place) is FAR to precise for me to believe it was mere coincidence. The probability of the fine-tuning be as it is by mere chance is comparable to trying to hit a bulls eye the size of a point, on a dart board the size of the universe.

Also, it was not due to physical necessity. So both chance and physical necessity are ruled out. Therefore, you're left only with intent, i.e. it was intended.

Fahim said...

In addition, all of the proofs for the existence of God you have provided in this article (or have tried to represent) are very inaccurate. I do not know of many intelligent Theists who argue that a "God MUST exist for us to have purpose!"

Because that argument rests upon the premise that the universe as a whole has a purpose (which is actually quite obvious).

God's existence also does not need to be directly proven scientifically. This premise places restrictions that are not necessary nor true. It assumes that something can only be known through observational evidence.

I know that i had a great great grandfather who lived in the 14th century. I have absolutely NO direct physical evidence, nor is the matter directly subject to my five senses. Rather, based on my physical existence, I can LOGICALLY deduce his existence.

Similarly, God is necessary to explain the casual gap (i.e. what caused the universe). Why? Because the universe began to exist:

1) The Big Bang Theory suggests this

2) An infinite regress of events (i.e. an infinite past set of events is impossible) which would be the case if the Universe was eternal.

Therefore, the Universe had a beginning, and thus a cause.

Now the question is: WHAT is this cause?

Let me also add that without God, there is no concept of objective morality (i.e. moral values that are true independent of what we think).

Based on this, no one has the right to say that what Hitler did was objectively morally wrong. It may feel wrong for us, but it felt right to Hitler and most wealthy elitists. So we can't use our subjectivity as a way to object to his actions. He can simply say "well I think this is the better way..."

The key here is "I THINK" which means its based upon our perspective, which itself is based upon how we were conditioned/and our very nature.

There is no rational way to justify objective morality without God. Even using the Euthryphro's dilemma fails, as it assumes that a higher moral principle exists, which can be simplified to God (i.e. the universe had a cause that exists beyond the universe, and at the same time there is a higher moral principle that exists beyond the universe, therefore its simpler to conceive of this moral principle as being the cause and thus, God.)

Fahim said...

In conclusion, before dealing with your claims of Qur'anic cosmology (which has already been analyzed deeply here: http://www.bismikaallahuma.org/archives/2006/cosmology-and-the-holy-quran-a-response-to-richard-carrier/)

and statements of the Prophet Muhammad, I want you to cite them. Bring me their citations, and location. I'm going to refer back to the original classical Arabic, and the interpretation of major scholars.

I have a feeling you're a) misquoting b) misinterpreting or c) simply pulling things out of thin air.

Le Comte de Saint Germain said...

Fahim, so many words and yet all you say is "we are here so there must be a god" which is nonsense.

We are what we are because we evolved this way, our purpose is the same as a simple virus, reproduce so the life remains. However we have become smart enough (some of us have) to calculate that in the end (Billions of years from now) it will all be futile.

That doesn't mean that we can't have morality without a god, on the contrary. Besides, which god do you mean then? The most known are the god of the old testament and the god of the quran who are both evil gods who just want everyone to do their bidding or else burn in hell forever and who endorse genocide and slavery.

Morality doesn't have to be difficult, just treat other people with the same respect that you would want to be treated, so don't go around killing and stealing and lying is a start that should be universal. And if your god says this but adds that you can do it to "unbelievers" then your god is an immoral asshole.

Realizing that we have no higher purpose and that we have only this life doesn't create chaos, it means that is there are things in the world that are wrong like poverty and ilness we have to act upon it ourselves instead of relying on a "god" that has a proven record of never ever doing anything anyway. We can live a life that is fulfilling by doing what is good for both ourselves and the people who surround us.